NEW! How To Pivot Professionally From Chaos To Order! 🎯

June 12, 2018

OR – How To Pivot Professionally From ORDER To CHAOS! 🎯


Chaos to Order. Order to Chaos. (GIF)


The choice is yours. Neither is a bad option, if you ask me.


I offer career advice over on LinkedIn, where recently, Courtney and Cody both asked a related question. It's a stock question that gets asked a lot about moving from consulting into marketing/strategy/business development (there's another question about the opposite).


Courtney and Cody are very young and maybe legitimately don't have enough experience in ANY field to back up such a bold question, but there they are – opening up, putting it out there, asking where they might otherwise be telling. As such, they're going places!


I enjoy writing about what I know, helping people, and generally practicing this craft. AND, as a sweet +1, these answers make for highly relevant blog content, which is super important in my field!


So, I came up with my answer! Let me know if any of this strikes true with you in the Comments.

"Hi, Cody. Here's my take: Consulting is very loosely defined and comes with varying degrees of flexibility, both in deliverables as well as personal accountability.


That flexibility can be a tremendous benefit, offering a great degree of personal/professional freedom.


On the other hand, flexibility and loose definitions also lend themselves well to chaos.


Consulting is great for the Chaotic, so long as she has the wherewithal to sustain a bit of order within this chaos. <--ClickToTweet!


(Fun to say, Hard to DO!)


Marketing/Strategy/Business Development jobs in the tech industry are much more specifically defined, again in terms of both deliverables and accountability.


Clearly defined deliverables tied directly to personal/professional accountability are not synonymous with freedom, to say the least.


Where Consulting is "sexy", Strategy is "really interesting!" 😂 <--ClickToTweet!


On the other hand, this time the trade-off is a greater, safer degree of personal/professional Order. "Idea work" becomes just one element serving the greater "production work". Words like "deadlines", "requirements", "guidelines" take precedence over the likes of "bandwidth", "benchmarks", "deep dive", or "5,000-mile view".


So, as you're considering pivoting into something more "production" and less "consultation", what it might really come down to is how these degrees of "freedom-vs-constriction" (or, on the flip-side, "chaos-vs-order") fit YOU on a more personal level.


The answer to that query typically comes with time and experience.


During that time, though, just about ANY relevant experience will inform and benefit Your unique answer. A consultant who becomes a strategist will be a better strategist having been a consultant first. And vice versa.


It's one of the beautiful things about this field –


Experience, learning, flexibility, and growth WIN when you keep moving forward, and "forward" here doesn't necessarily mean "up"! <--ClickToTweet!


We have plenty of room for horizontal growth, and when explored with curiosity and good intentions, this growth inevitably drives us upward.


To your success!




Introspection & The Digital Bloom!

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