The Truth About Growth-Hacking Your Business Sale!

May 25, 2018

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As a Growth Marketer and Business Consultant, I champion the need to optimize processes, constantly enhance the customer experience, and strategically utilize available marketing/advertising/PR distribution channels. 


As a former Agency Owner, I'm all too familiar with the challenge that these needs present on any given day, month, or year.


As a Business Analyst working in Mergers & Acquisitions, I understand and believe that these needs are even more crucial when it comes time to "cash in" on what you've worked so hard to create.


And just as these needs are easier listed than fulfilled during "business-as-usual" times, the same is far truer during a planned exit. 




How does a business owner consistently, efficiently, and effectively grow her business while simultaneously selling her business with the same level of effort?


There are 3 common options: 


1. DIY:

This is possible, but only when your version of "DIY" is more like "DIWAT" or Do It With A Team! Without a good team, you probably wouldn't be successfully exiting your business in the first place. The trouble is, your team likely has a much darker impression of an acquisition than you, the Seller. Most often, knowledge of a coming acquisition hampers a team's ability to continue driving growth.


2. Outsource To A Business Broker:

When you involve a stakeholder like a Business Broker, your ability to consistently, efficiently, and effectively sell your business is multiplied and magnified by the broker's own network and efforts. In the meantime, you're able to work with your team to drive the growth necessary for a strong business sale. The risk here stems from the location element of many brokers, who typically operate in the same market as the Seller and may pose a risk to confidentiality.


3. Partner With A Mergers & Acquisitions Business Advisor:

Ready for the twist? –That's me! 

I realize that what I'm doing here is fairly transparent, but transparency is absolutely key in M&A, from pre-sale to post-exit transition (another important factor to consider when selling a business). 


Before I began studying and practicing M&A, I owned/operated a small agency. #1 lesson learned there: Marketing, Advertising, and PR are a LOT of Work! Just as working with a Broker can benefit the selling of your business, working with an Agency can benefit the growth of your business.


And as it turns out, the reward for driven growth when a business is being sold is much greater than that when it is only being grown!


Business Analyst, Consultant, M&A


I help Sellers by:


• Viewing your company from a Buyer's perspective to identify drivers that minimize risk/maximize value


• Consulting on Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, and Advertising Strategy and their implementation to maximize value from a Buyer’s viewpoint


• Maintaining 100% Confidentiality throughout the entire process, including the use of applicable NDAs (nondisclosure agreements)


• Determining qualification for existing and future Buyer Mandates from national and international business Buyers


• Providing references (with links & getting-started info) to assist in business optimization, marketing optimization, and advertising optimization


• Lending an ear to a fellow business owner; sharing and encouraging tales of the good, the bad, and the ugly, as these experiences and respective takeaways are "future fuel" and will only benefit us in this process of trust, transparency, and transition!



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