About Me

I didn't set out to become a Growth Marketer, Business Analyst, or Consultant.


By the time I started image squared marketing, in fact, I'd done a little bit of everything else.


Photography had been my side hustle for many years. My wife and I owned & operated a small photography studio part-time before closing up shop in 2014. 


At that time, a sales role turned into a business opportunity, which turned into a partnership, which subsequently failed. I tried to sell our business, but we were not able to solve inefficiencies and provide relevant documentation in a timely fashion.

Eager to "do things right this time," I founded image squared marketing and began tying together everything I'd learned working alongside the everyman, working for the CEO, starting my own small businesses, failing, winning, learning, and observing all the while.


I became a student of customer experience or "cx," of modern, cross-media public relations, of hybrid digital-traditional marketing strategy, of the psychology of sales, of the modern SMB owner.


I practiced the modern art of Growth Marketing (or Growth Hacking), strategically combining

Digital Marketing – Online Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, and Online Reputation Management –

with Traditional Marketing – Print Advertising, Direct Mail, Outdoor Advertising, Radio Advertising, and Marketing Materials –

using Content Marketing principles and practices to tie everything together.


image squared marketing afforded me the opportunity to learn, experience, do, and grow – at breakneck speed. After 4 years of growing and developing that business, considerable business-related debt left me with few choices. Ultimately, I found a path forward for my various stakeholders – clients, employees, vendors – that primarily benefited them.


It was no easy decision or process.


Today, I'm proud to have the capabilities and resources to make this process easier and more profitable for similar business owners and executives.


 Professional Certificates & Skills —


  • Mergers and Acquisitions Foundations

  • Identify Sales Growth Opportunities

  • Business Analysis Foundations

  • Business Strategy & Analysis

  • Executive Leadership

  • Excel Data Analysis

  • SEO Foundations

  • Building Trust


Hobbies & Interests —


Live Music, Playing Guitar, Business Networking, Creative Writing, Dad Stuff

Men’s Fashion, Fragile X Syndrome (son Ransom, 8, has this condition), Branding, Personal Development, Nice Shoes, LinkedIn


Professional References — Jeff Bloemker, Mayor, City of Effingham; Mark Bolander, Mayor, City of Newton; Norma Lansing, President, Effingham County Chamber of Commerce