Casey R Tibbs

Growth Marketer, Business Consultant, Customer Experience Manager


After the spark that ignited all things image squared marketing, I began tying together everything I'd learned working alongside the everyman, working for the CEO, starting/running/exiting my own small businesses, and observing all the while.


I became a student of customer experience or "cx", of modern, cross-media public relations, of hybrid digital-traditional marketing strategy, of the psychology of sales, of the modern SMB owner.


Much has been learned by doing. By trying, failing, winning, learning, and trying again.


As a Growth Marketer and Business Consultant, I champion the need to optimize processes, constantly enhance the customer experience, and strategically utilize available marketing/advertising/PR distribution channels. 

As a Customer Experience Manager in the automotive field, I work with all internal and external customers to identify and manage strategies and systems designed to improve the overall customer experience. This means working with managers, front-line employees, customers, prospective customers, and vendors to drive positive change that benefits all parties.




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